MartiniPlaza Business & Entertainment: it's a pleasure!

We receive a broad diversity of artists, wonderful productions, top sportsmen, fascinating conferences and interesting exhibitions. That draws about half a million visitors each year, whom we receive hospitable.

From reception until departure, from drinks to dinner, from construction until after-care: we make sure everything is taken care of for you.

We take care of everything

Unburdening you is our business. With an excellent reachability and high quality hospitality team. From making our acquiantance until after the event: we take care of everything for you.

Valuable memories

Experience something that you will always remember, and so will your network and employees. We provide an experience that lasts longer than the moment itself.

Personal support

Organizational support with true "Groningse" hospitality. We think along with you from your initial ideas and see the opportunities. It's your event , we just make it possible.

Always the right place

From theater to sport and from meetings to congress. Everything is possible here. Whether you come with thousands of people, or a small group of five, with us you are always in the right place .