About us

MartiniPlaza inspires. We bring people together. Here you will find a range of multi-purpose meeting rooms , atmospheric setting for (business) parties , congress and theater halls and Sports Arena . The location is great, the service is personal and organizational support with a Groningen hospitality.


  • Customized arrangements
  • Theatre and music
  • Top Sport
  • Parties and network events
  • Exhibitions and seminars
  • Conferences, meetings and workshops


  • Easily accessible via the A7 and A28
  • Parking in front
  • In-house high-quality catering

In MartiniPlaza you build memories. Whether it's with clients or employees, in an intimate setting with five people or just a room filled with hundreds of people. And the beauty is, we arrange everything for you. From reception to departure, drinks to dinner, from construction to the aftercare. That is our business.

HISTORY When in the late sixties in the municipality of Groningen the need revealed itself, an exhibition complex was built on the edge of the Groningen City Park: Martinihal Center. The center consisted of an exhibit space, conference rooms and a restaurant. The official opening took place in 1969. The exhibition hall received a height of up to 30 meters to provide enough space for exhibitions, for example sailboats (with their mast up straight). In the early seventies, the building was extended with a multi-function hall for organizing (pop)concerts and sports competitions. This room was separated by a square of the exhibition area.

EVENT HALL The Event Hall had a capacity of about 2,500 visitors (concert) or 3,000 visitors (sports). Before the construction of the television studios in Aalsmeer, TV shows were regularly aired from this location. In 1978 Martinihal Center became a leading location for congresses, meetings and exhibitions.

MARTINIHAL GRONINGEN In the early eighties various spaces were built and in 1988 the name of the complex changed to Martinihal Groningen. In 1989 Martinihal needed to be renovated. This renovation could not be financed by the Municipality of Groningen, so Martinihal had to be privatized. However, there was no suitable candidate. The Martinihal was placed under the independent Art and Culture Department of the municipality. A new board was appointed to make a new start. In 2000 began an extensive renovation of the complex. The former center square has been replaced by a new event and sports hall, which meets all international requirements.

MARTINIPLAZA THEATRE The former Event Hall has been converted into Martini Plaza Theater, with a capacity of 1,600 seats. MartiniPlaza is now among the five largest theaters in the Netherlands. In March 2002 the complex was reopened under the name MartiniPlaza. After 33 years of participating in OCSW, MartiniPlaza was privatized in 2002. Given the market development the emphasis in business  shifted more to the meeting and convention market and theater activities. In 2006 a completely new pullable business stand was completed in the Sports Arena , along with a spacious, luxurious VIP lounge.