Exhibitions in MartiniPlaza are true delights in Groningen. With our cozy rooms, divers spaces and knowledgeable staff large meetings are always a success for visitors & eacute; n organizer.

Exhibition Hall Groningen

Of all the exhibition halls in Groningen, you will find the most ample supply with us. Our largest rooms are spacious up to 3000 square meters, equipped with extensive technical facilities. In the design of the spaces a pleasant inlet and outlet flow of materials are taken into account, so you can easily construct and dismantle exhibitions or productions. For your exhibition, we are happy to set up the Middle Hall, Borgman Hall or Expo 1 for you.

  • Expo 1 of 3.600m2
  • Expo 1 provides access to Expo 2 (570m2), Expo 3 (915m2) and Expo 4 (800m2)
  • Middle Hall of 3.100m2 (with solid bar)
  • Borgman Hall of 2.865m2 (L-shaped)
  • Access to various foyers
  • Exhibition halls can be used individually or jointly

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